Tim Darcy – Monday 7-10pm


I grew up on the New Jersey shore listening to New York radio.  The two disk jockeys that influenced me the most were Dan Ingram and Scott Muni.

I finally realized my dream of being on the radio when I came to the University of Dayton and got an all night slot on WVUD-FM.  One of my claims-to-fame is introducing fellow New Jerseyites Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to Dayton radio listeners.

After taking a 40-year detour away from radio, I’m excited to be back on the air at Oldies 97.3. I love to play music from the mid-sixties to the late seventies.  You can hear me on Monday evenings from 7 to 10pm. If you tune in, you might even hear some Bruce Springsteen.

Tim can be contacted at timdarcy@daytonoldies.com