Lightning Rod Flash Wednesday 12-4pm

I goRodneyt hooked on radio as a child. I would set up a tinker toy set in my bedroom with a record player I would go down to WING studios and get the top 40 countdown sheet. Then would tape some of the songs on my reel to reel tape player in addition to playing them on my record player and act like I was “on the air”

I got my start doing lunch time announcements @ Stivers High. I also would go into the language lab and play with the sound system. In addition to teaching a couple of foreign exchange students English in the lab.

I progressed to Wright State while in college I was an on air personality @ WWSU when it was at the top of Allyn Hall on campus. I helped move the station to the student center. I believe there are some pictures of me moving the station in the archives of WSU. I would also go to different establishments selling advertising for the station.

Radio has always been in my blood. I have been an avid listener of WSWO on the different frequencies for several years. Loving the oldies, music we grew up with and there is no other station in the Miami Valley that has the music library and the decades of music like we do.

We will have some fun with some trivia facts during my show from time to time. Without you we would not be here. So thank you for listening to oldies 97.3