Blazin Brad – Tuesday 2:00-6:00 PM

I was born at a very young age when Huber Heights was just beginning.  There is a picture of my mother pregnant with me in 1957 standing on the concrete footer of our house on Leston Drive.  There is a dirt road leading to Marcico’s market on route 202.

After an extended stay in-utero I came into this world…  Just about like I am now, hairless, toothless and pooping myself.  Some things never change.

I graduated Wayne High School in Wayne Township (Now city of Huber Heights) in 1977.  After one semester of college and at the end of the post Vietnam era… I found a new home in the United States Army.

In 1981, I returned to the area wanting to give back to the community and finish college.  With my military experience as a combat medic and nursing,  I soon found myself as a prison guard for the Dayton Workhouse… You do the math.

As a self proclaimed city-whore I moved thought the departments and ranks eventually retiring 33 years later as a City of Dayton Firefighter/Paramedic.  You will soon notice I have a soft spot for all my brother and sister First-responders.

Fast forward to the Oldies Record Sale of 2016.  While purchasing some 8-tracks I had the opportunity to meet the program manager of Oldies 97.3.  He notice I was the only one purchasing 8-tracks and asked me what my problem was… I responded “too cheep to upgrade or stuck-in the 70s”!  I was given a tour of the studio, all 10′ X 10′ of it and fell in love.  I have no idea what it is about this little studio that drew me in… it gives one a sense of the relief when you walk in the door.  All your troubles are left at the door and there is a whole new world there you greet you… The listeners of oldies 97.3