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Kel Crum pursWSWOLinerParty_20140308_0061ued a career in radio the day he discovered there was no long-term money in folding balloon animals. He later discovered there wasn’t much more money in radio, but what’s done is done.

He has worked at several stations including WDPR in Dayton, WBLY in Springfield, and WLW in Cincinnati. Kel has been writing comedy material for radio legend Gary Burbank for over twenty years and some of his own self-produced bits have been heard on the Dr. Demento Show.

An avid collector of novelty records, Kel hosts the annual “Halloween Madness” and “Crazy Christmas” specials on this station and during his regular noon-to-3 Sunday shift presents a special segment at least once each hour called “The Novelty Corner”, profiling wacky records both familiar and obscure.

What else? Kel is also a freelance cartoonist and occasional stand-up comic. He currently lives in Fairborn with his wife Debra and numerous pet rats.

If Kel has learned anything valuable during his fifty years of existence, it’s that writing about yourself in the third person is pretentious.